Cömertler has been supplying secondary packaging solutions to Turkey’s leading pharma manufacturers for the past 70 years. We provide packaging goods to multinational pharmaceutical companies with the “one stop shop mentality” for folding boxes, labels, and leaflets. Our company specializes in the pharmaceutical sector’s critical best practices and we are proud to pioneer in this area with our knowledge and experience.
Comertler Printing and Packaging, (one of the founding members of ECMA Pharma Forum) participated in the creation of “ECMA Best Practice Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Secondary Packaging”. A group of selected voluntary members of the ECMA Pharma Forum have collaborated to combine GMP & ISO regulations together with years of industry experience and summarized all in the European best practice guideline for manufacturers of secondary printed carton packaging for pharma.
Direct ECMA members who self declare compliance with the ECMA Best Practice Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Secondary Packaging and submit the necessary documents, have the right to use the seal in the left. As Cömertler Printing and Packaging we are proud to be one of the leading companies in the process and commit to providing services with high quality & trust.

Food and Beverage

Cömertler, backed by BRC and ISO 22000 certifications, provides primary and secondary food packaging to leading food manufacturers in Turkey and Europe. Among our references, we have customers with whom we have been in collaboration for over 40 years.

Personal Care

Together with 70 years of experience in printing and packaging and our state of art machinery, we produce value-added packaging with special applications such as foil stamping, embossing, and film coating, meeting the demands of the personal care industry. Cömertler’s packaging materials reach end consumers in numerous countries around the world.

Under the personal care umbrella, Cömertler manufactures boxes and labels for products such as toothpastes, creams, soaps, perfumes, and more.


In addition to the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care sectors, Cömertler also supplies packaging to the following industries: hygiene and cleaning, medical, confectionery, chocolate, textiles, and spare part sectors.

We design and produce various products, including but not limited to, hot foil stamping, film lamination, full or partial lacquer application, and packaging solutions like bag in box or partitioned boxes, tailored to the specific requests of our customers.