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Cömertler Matbaacılık A.S. (Cömertler Printing and Packaging Inc.) has been one of the leading drivers in growth and development of the printing and cartonboard packaging industry in Turkey over the last fifty years. Our Company is now one of the most highly respected printing and cartonboard packaging firms not only in Turkey but also abroad. The company was founded by Ahmet Cömert in 1954 under the name Cömert-Is.

Offering advantageous cost and leadtimes to our customers without compromising our quality standards has remained the most important principle of our company since its early years.

Our Company, keeping up with all the developments and innovations in the printing and folding carton industry and making timely investments has pioneered the market throughout its lifetime.

As Cömertler Printing and Packaging Inc., we moved to our new site located in Kıraç (northern Istanbul) in 2016, where we continue to provide a reliable service to our customers, utilizing technology with even higher standards and offering ever more diverse capabilities.

We believe to have deserved full trust in our company in combining the advantage of our diverse capabilities with our dynamism.

Who is Ahmet Cömert?


Ahmet Cömert


Ahmet Cömert was born in Kemaliye district of Erzincan in 1926 and besides serving for the boxing sport as an athlete, trainer, referee and judge, he also has taken significant position as an executive. He has performed as Executive Committee Member of European (E.A.B.A.) and World Amateur Boxing Association (A.I.B.A.) and president of referee and judge commission.

After completing his active sports life as an athlete (1939-1944), Ahmet Cömert has worked as a trainer for Galatasaray Sports Club. During his leadership, Galatasaray team won country championship for 4 consecutive years.

Between 1951-1953 he served as a voluntary military officer in the Korean war and was honored by the Veteran of War Medal by the Korean government.

Ahmet Cömert had great success as a referee in 9 European, 4 World and 2 Olympic Games. He was rewarded with a gold badge by AIBA for his 100% accuracy and success as a referee across 39 matches during the 1972 Munich Olympics, which is an unbroken Olympic record to this day.

Ahmet Cömert, a member of the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK), is a founding member of the TMOK Fairplay Commission.

In 1978 he was appointed as a member of the AIBA Executive Committee and Referee and Judge Commission and in 1979 he was appointed as the Vice-President of the Islamic Boxing Association.

In 1980 he became the president of the Turkish Boxing Federation.

Ahmet Cömert, also served as a jury member at the Moscow, Los Angeles and Seoul Olympics, and unfortunately unexpectedly died of a heart attack during his duty at the European Junior Championship held in Czechoslovakia in 1990.

Contribution and sponsorships to Amateur Boxing for 30 years

International Ahmet Cömert Boxing Tournaments


General Manager Message

Attila Cömert


Cömertler Printing and Packaging Inc. has been working with many national and international companies for the past 70 years.

Many of our partners have been working with us for more than 50 years, demonstrating the trust that has been built up in our service and in our quality.